Roses, tulips, carnations ... what the flowers in your bridal bouquet reveal

Rosen, Tulpen, Nelken … was die Blumen in Ihrem Brautstrauß verraten

Hardly any accessory receives as much attention during the wedding as the bridal bouquet. What color is it, how opulent is it, who catches it … ? No wonder, since the pretty arrangement supposedly reveals quite a bit about the future wife – and that doesn’t just mean her throwing qualities. Especially the flowers used are, of course, the focus of attention. We present you some favorites and their meaning.


The classic wedding flower has lost none of its appeal to this day. The rose is and remains the symbol of love, red roses in the bridal bouquet tell of passion and passion for the partner. Pink roses, on the other hand, represent tenderness, white roses – innocence and purity. A bouquet of roses looks particularly stylish when it comes across as completely pure. But the combination with hydrangeas or lilies can also do well.


The symbolism of the peony is as opulent as its flowers. It tells of wealth and beauty, and today is one of the most popular candidates for the bridal bouquet. The red, pink, white or yellow colored flowers look great alone or in combination, the blooming season in spring and summer is perfectly timed for the height of the wedding season. Our tip: the romantic peony does not need many claqueurs, less is often more in peony bouquets.


If you want to stand out, lilies are a good choice. While the intense fragrance can be distracting in table decorations, the shape of the flower in the bridal bouquet is definitely eye-catching. Consequently, this flower is assigned the attributes of noble, sensual, majestic and exotic. Femininity and love are also a core message of the lily in floriography – the language of flowers. If the flower is used in the bridal bouquet, be sure to remove the yellow stamps, otherwise there will be stains on the dress.


Not necessarily the first flower mentioned in relation to love, and yet a real highlight in the bridal bouquet. Dahlia whispers a romantic “I am yours …” and symbolizes happiness, gratitude, loyalty. The many different flower colors can be combined wonderfully and create a natural, playful bridal bouquet, after which definitely every wedding guest stretches out his arms. But beware: those who are prone to allergies should first check their dahlia suitability.

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