5 things to consider when choosing wedding rings

5 Dinge, die Sie bei der Wahl der Eheringe beachten sollten

Eternally yours, eternally mine, eternally ours. Wedding rings represent the covenant of life of two people. But what distinguishes this symbol? Wedding rings can say a lot about a couple’s character. Whether classic, playful or extravagant, the following things to look for when choosing the right jewelry.

  1. The right material – Find out about different ring materials. Besides classic gold or silver, there are many other materials to choose from. This is crucial not only for the appearance of the ring, but also for its durability. It is important here to pay attention to how much you work with your hands in everyday life, how much they come into contact with aggressive substances etc. After all, not all materials are equally robust.
  2. The shape of the rings – It determines not only the appearance and character of the ring, but also its wearing comfort. Often you see couples who take off their rings after a certain time in everyday life. Hopefully, the lack of comfort is the only reason for this. Therefore, try on enough rings in advance.
  3. Gemstone? No gemstone? – Opinions differ on this question. Some like it flashy and want one, maybe even several stones. Others are looking for something more simple. Listen to your gut feeling here and don’t forget: besides classic diamonds, stones such as the emerald or the ruby can also be excellently used in a ring … The possibilities are endless!
  4. Budget — Sure, wedding rings are something you don’t want to skimp on. But you should always keep in mind the costs, which come with the entire wedding planning on you, and not be blinded by the beautiful sparkle.
  5. DIY – Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with tinkering. Many jewelers allow you to forge rings entirely according to your ideas. Thus, you can not only perfectly customize the rings to your taste, but also have a wonderful memory.

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