These are the wedding trends 2020

Das sind die Hochzeits-Trends 2020

The year is drawing to a close and it’s slowly becoming time to start thinking about plans for 2020. For some, preparations are already in full swing. Excitement is building, especially among the newly engaged, who are anticipating what is probably one of the most momentous days of their lives. Many couples not only want to finally tie the knot, but also want to make a lasting impression on their guests with the ceremony and have fond memories of this very special day. The following wedding trends for 2020 can help with this.

    1. Free wedding ceremonies: This does not necessarily mean in the open air. A free wedding ceremony simply describes a ceremony without specifications and requirements from the outside. Here you can give free rein to your creativity.

    2. Wedding dress remains wedding dress … or maybe not? Many brides like it classic, however, modern two-pieces are also strongly in the coming wedding season. They inspire with their simplicity and elegance.

    3. Variety in color and fabric: The gentlemen of creation are also called upon to experiment. Coarser suit fabrics as well as patterns – gladly plaid – are extremely popular!

    4. Wildflowers and seasonal floral decorations: The idea of sustainability is gaining importance socially and is also playing an increasingly important role in wedding planning. In 2020, many couples reach for seasonal, and if possible, even regional floral decorations. The choice can also add a more personal and romantic touch to the atmosphere at the wedding reception.

    5. Pastel colors: Light blue and pink are especially popular. Whether it’s decor, fashion or table service, adding a touch of color is a beautiful way to create a unified concept.

    6. Photo box: Be surprised by the creative photos of your wedding guests. Use the self-timer to take spontaneous, casual snapshots of your loved ones. For the guests and for the wedding couple an equally beautiful memory!

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