5 inspirations for the perfect bridal hairstyle

5 Inspirationen für die perfekte Brautfrisur

The big day is approaching, nervousness is rising. All preparations are complete, but one question is still unanswered: what hairstyle will suit the occasion and, above all, what suits me best as a bride?

When looking for the right hairstyle for the wedding, several factors can play a role, such as the overall style of the ceremony, the expected weather conditions and, of course, the dress. In the best case, the right hairstyle perfectly rounds off the bride’s overall appearance. Whether simple or gorgeous, here come 5 suggestions for the perfect wedding hairstyle:

  1. Hairband: Whether plain, with pearls or embellished with stones, a headband represents a beautiful accessory and can convince with its simple elegance. It goes especially well with open or half-open hair.

  2. Flowers in hair: Too much can seem cheesy. But in connection with boho chic (boho = bohemian), for example, the flower decoration is a playful and at the same time elegant extra and adds a nice splash of color to the overall look.

  3. Updo: One of the most popular solutions for the wedding at all. The hairstyle can be kept classic, decorated with small or even eye-catching hair clips, making it a little more elaborate.

  4. Diadem jewelry: A variant for brides who like it pompous and want to truly feel like a princess on their special day. To make it not look too dramatic, style your hair in a loose messy bun (imperfect chignon) for this.

  5. Ponytail: Simple and elegant. This hairstyle goes especially well with off-the-shoulder or backless dresses. Here, side strands that flatter the face can be used to create a slightly looser look.

Attention: In addition to personal preferences, hair length and fullness also play a role in the choice, after all, not every hairstyle looks equally good on everyone. Also, the shape of the face should not be ignored when choosing the right wedding hairstyle.

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