Animal beautiful wedding

Tierisch schön heiraten

Animals simply belong to your happiness? And your partner sees it the same way? Here come some nice ideas that you can use to express your love for animals at your wedding.

  1. Especially white pigeons are always popular. Your flight on the most beautiful day of your life has a long tradition and represents happiness and fidelity. Letting the doves fly after the wedding ceremony is a highlight for many couples and guests. However, make sure that the animals come from responsible, regional breeding and are professionally cared for. After all, the wedding flight should not end with exhausted animals that can no longer find their way home.

  2. Many bridal couples do not want to simply drive up to the wedding venue in their own car. A Horse-drawn carriage is a romantic and environmentally friendly alternative to the also popular classic car and makes a real fairy tale wedding only perfect.

  3. Also the own four-legged friends can be beautifully integrated into the ceremony. For example, how about your dog playing the ring bearer? To find out if the job is something for him, you should have a good idea of your pet’s disposition. In addition, training is worthwhile to prepare the dog for the unusual task. In addition, you should make sure that none of your guests are afraid of dogs and that their animal companion can be well taken care of during the rest of the wedding day.

  4. For bridal couples who have a close relationship with a particular species animal shooting partners such as alpacas, birds of prey or horses could be an idea. In any case, you should make sure that the animals come from species-appropriate husbandry and are well cared for. If necessary, such a shooting – with or without guests – can also be realized at a later date.

In whatever form you choose to incorporate animals into your wedding celebration, please remember – animals remain animals. Their reactions can’t always be predicted, and if the stress does get too much, it’s best to give them time off.

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