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Tipps rund um die Hochzeitsfotografie

The photographer will take care of it? If you got a really good one, that’s certainly true. Nevertheless, it is not wrong to deal with the topic of wedding photography, his own wishes and the possible image motifs before the wedding itself. So in the end there is guaranteed no disappointment and the resulting pictures are a wonderful memory of a wonderful day.

1. what motifs do you want?

Are couples photos, group photos, photos of each individual guest, decoration details or special moments during the celebration particularly important to you? Collect all the subjects that are close to your heart and provide them to the photographer early. Then there is enough time to agree on the guest list or changed conditions. If certain locations have been determined where you definitely want to take photos, the weather could possibly throw a spanner in the works for you. Then it makes sense to have rain alternatives in mind.

2. create a script.

When does what happen and where? The more specific you are in compiling this information, the easier it will be for the photographer to adjust to the sequence of events and the location. It can also be helpful to designate one or more people to assist the photographer and collect, direct and coordinate guests as needed.

3. get an overview of the possibilities – on all levels.

Every photographer has a portfolio. Take your time and look at his motives very carefully. While every wedding is unique, you are welcome to take inspiration from some style elements. Inspiring in the best case is also the location where your wedding will take place. Here it is worth a previous visit, where you simply focus on beautiful spots. Gladly accompanied by the photographer, who always brings the professional look.

4. allow the unforeseen to happen.

Not everything can be planned – and that’s a good thing. Often it is the sudden, funny, uncontrolled incidents or even the short moments of shock that create very special shots. So stay relaxed, it will be worth it!

Do you need recommendations in terms of wedding photographer? Feel free to contact us! At Wöltingerode Monastery, we have been working closely with many service providers for years.

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