3 alternatives to the classic wedding cake

3 Alternativen zur klassischen Hochzeitstorte

Two to four tiers, lush, imposing – that’s what a typical wedding cake looks like. Usually she wears white, like the bride, and wraps herself in a heavy coat of buttercream or fondant. Even if the bride and groom don’t like cream cakes at all, and even if the guests only taste a few bites of the pastry chef’s work of art, a large cake is automatically ordered as part of the preparations. A wedding without a wedding cake – is that even possible? We reveal how to sweeten the evening for yourself and your guests without fulfilling the white cake cliché.

Small but mighty!

Cupcakes enjoy great popularity, because they are at least as delicious as a cake, but more compact in size and extremely versatile. You don’t have to choose one, two or three flavors, you can put together a much larger selection of different mini cupcakes, so in the end there should be a favorite for every guest. If you value multi-level baked goods, have the cupcakes arranged on a tall etagere.

Mmh … Macarons

Even smaller than cupcakes, but absolutely great tasting, are macarons, the light and airy filled cookies from France that are also taking connoisseurs’ hearts by storm in this country. Macarons come in enormous variety, for example with rose cream, fresh lime or liquid salted caramel center. Even if the dinner was extremely filling – there is always room for a macaron. There are also special etagères for macarons, so that the little patisserie delicacies can be piled up in the form of a wedding cake.

Cool cake substitute

Especially for celebrations in high summer, it makes sense to opt for a lighter alternative to the classic wedding cake. How about a refreshing ice cream cake instead? It doesn’t have to be a large, multi-tiered one: smaller ice creams spread out on the tables are easier to portion and more relaxed to enjoy. If you can do without a cake-shaped dessert altogether, there is also the option of setting up an ice cream stand on site, where cones and cups are filled as desired and decorated with sprinkles, wafers or sauces.

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