Red thread - How to choose a wedding motto

Roter Faden – So wählt man ein Hochzeitsmotto

Invitation cards, outfit, flower arrangements, table decorations, music, menu: Anyone planning a wedding has to make many decisions. This is much easier if you have decided on a motto in advance. Should your own dream wedding look more elegant and glamorous or casual and rustic? Brightly colored, pastel or monochrome? Loud and wild or quiet and romantic? Once the bride and groom have a more precise idea of the overall picture, ideas for the individual pieces of the puzzle come naturally – and they can be put together effortlessly.

Marriage according to script

As in fashion or interior design, there are certain trends in getting married – and these are often inspired by fashion or interior design. When the bohemian style just conquers the catwalks again, many brides want a dress in boho look, a flower wreath in the hair, lots of flower power in the decoration and a celebration with festival atmosphere. Since the beginning of the 2020s, the “Golden Twenties” of the previous century and the Art Deco style have been among the living trends that are also wonderfully suitable as a wedding motto. If you are planning a celebration in the “Roaring Twenties” look, you can watch the movie The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio and gather ideas.

Tailor made concept

But much more important than current trends are the personal preferences of the bride and groom. Like the dress or the suit, the wedding motto has to fit perfectly – and that works best with a tailor-made concept. A nautical style wedding can be gorgeous, but it doesn’t suit a couple that is afraid of water, gets seasick easily and prefers to spend their vacation in the mountains. Likewise, a celebration with traditional costumes and Oktoberfest flair is not the right choice for everyone. Rather, let your own passions guide you. You love country life and want to celebrate in country style? You often travel to Mexico and want a Fiesta Mexicana? Perfect!

Freely according to the motto …

A wedding motto can be a lot of fun and provide a very useful “common thread” for the entire planning process. In most cases, however, it is advisable to incorporate the chosen theme rather discreetly into the design of the wedding. The word “theme party” sends a shiver down some people’s spines, because there is a danger of overdoing it: With a motto like “Wild Wild West” or “Space Age”, a wedding can quickly turn into a carnival party. And this fits only if, by chance, the carnival is the greatest passion of the bride and groom.

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