Beautiful alternatives to the balloon

Wunderschöne Alternativen zum Luftballon

For many bridal couples-to-be, releasing balloons or sky lanterns after the wedding ceremony is simply part of the ceremony. But every balloon that goes up comes back to earth as plastic waste. Cords and metal parts are an additional environmental burden and can even be fatal for animals. For example, 20 percent of all birds die even if they ingest only small scraps of balloons. The sky lantern also “scores” in the summer with the high risk of fire.

Of course, not every single missile is a danger to life and limb – but in total, the decorative items are a real liability. And for that, the joy of them is relatively short-lived after all. Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives that not only look beautiful, but are also sustainable.

– Blow soap bubbles or foam hearts

They look beautiful, they are easy to conjure up yourself from soapy water and they are great fun for young and old. Blowing bubbles is a thoughtless pleasure and creates beautiful memories. A comparatively new trend are so-called foam hearts or other motifs made of helium-enriched foam. After about 40 minutes, the cloud-like missiles, which can cover several kilometers, dissolve without leaving any residue.

– Distribute wildflower bombs

Instead of harming the environment, the bride and groom and guests can do something really good for it with this beautiful idea. Each visitor to the wedding is given a small bag of seeds or a seed bomb. These can be distributed together on a selected patch of ground – for example, in your own garden or at the edge of the forest. Or each guest creates at home a beautiful, blooming memory of the past wedding.

– Set up paper lanterns or lighted glasses

Glass jars with candles or integrated LED fairy lights create a very special atmosphere visible from afar at any wedding – without flying away. Paper lanterns with integrated solar cells can also be hung in trees and given to guests to take home as a memento at the end of the celebration. A beautiful illuminant that will provide beautiful moments on your own terrace for a long time.

– Send postcards

Balloons fly far – the mail flies even further! If you want to be reminded of the most beautiful day of your life for a long time, hand out stamped postcards at the wedding reception. These are sent by the guests at a self-chosen interval to the bride and groom, of course, provided with dear greetings, beautiful memories and the very best wishes. When another card lands in the mailbox, it can only be a good day for the newlyweds.

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