Flowers in the hair!

Blumen ins Haar!

It’s summer, everything is in bloom and nature shows its best side. Many brides also want to incorporate this natural beauty into their wedding outfits. Through floral decorations in the hair, the summer with its lightness and romanticism can be picked up particularly beautifully. We have compiled some tips and inspirations for the perfect floral bridal hairstyle for you.


Are you getting married in early summer or just towards fall? You love baby’s breath or roses? Cornflowers, chamomile or thistles make your wedding location bloom all around? Your tent is pitched in the middle of a summer meadow or you have a forest wedding coming up? There are countless ways to incorporate the seasonal splendor of flowers, berries, herbs and grasses into your own hair accessories. Whether quite delicate or color-coordinated, there are no limits to your imagination.


For those who want to be independent of the current vegetation, are looking for particularly versatile floral decorations or want to decorate their hairstyle with flowers that do not give up so quickly even in the heat, dried flowers can be a nice alternative to fresh flowers. They are becoming increasingly popular and bring a certain retro charm to the hair. The bridal bouquet can also be beautifully coordinated with the dried flower elements – no matter what time of year it is.


If you love boho style, reach for a lush flower crown. Exotic elements may also be integrated here. Lush, colorful and unmissable is the motto. Especially beautiful makes the crown in the hair worn open.

The hairstyle

In general, the flower decoration can be integrated into any bridal hairstyle. Especially well suited updo hairstyles for a flower wreath. But even loosely pinned hair can be decorated romantically and at the same time brings a casual elegance. The same applies to open hair, which particularly emphasizes your natural beauty and looks beautiful, for example, with native meadow flowers. Those who have short hair, also do not have to abandon the flower decoration. The hairdresser you trust can best advise you here.

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