Beautiful memories

Bildschöne Erinnerungen

Wedding photos – most people spontaneously think of the bridal couple shooting. But to create lasting memories of this special day, pictures of the guests are of course needed. Only rarely do all the people who are particularly close to your heart come together in one place and in this special constellation. Your wedding is a unique opportunity to take great photos of family and friends. Do not miss this opportunity!

If you want a professional result, it is best to book an experienced wedding photographer who will keep track of everything and take pictures of all the guests during the celebration. The photographer can “work off” a list and – according to your ideas – have smaller or larger groups pose in front of the camera.

Natural smile preferred
If you don’t want to stress your guests out with a photo shoot marathon and also prefer natural, relaxed, non-posed pictures yourself, you can ask your photographer to simply mingle with the guests and take spontaneous shots. Instead of cramped grinning faces, you will later see hearty laughter and genuine happiness in the wedding album. In addition, one or the other scene that you, as a busy wedding couple, might otherwise have missed: The groom’s grandfather is amused by a funny story from your work colleague? The dog of the maid of honor steals a sausage from the buffet? A good photographer has an eye for the best subjects and presses the shutter at the right moment.

Many photographers, many perspectives
As an alternative to the wedding photographer – or complementary to his professional photo shoot – you can also distribute disposable cameras or instant cameras among your guests so that they take pictures of each other. If there are multiple tables at your party, simply place a camera with instructions on each table. This creates original snapshots from very different angles. Each guest brings their own perspective and snaps the moments and details of the celebration that seem particularly appealing to them. In the end, an exciting overall picture emerges from these various puzzle pieces.

Photobooth fun
However, photographing friends and family members at your wedding can also become entertainment – and that’s in a Photobooth. Apart from their external form, these mobile photo studios have little in common with the classic passport photo machines, in which functional portraits are taken for ID cards. With a photo box the fun is in the foreground. You can rent them for the wedding or build them yourself. Your guests can take pictures together in the photobooth, make faxes and try out photobooth accessories that you should provide for this purpose. Hats, beards, glasses or kissing mouths made of cardboard on a stick, which you hold in front of your face, are popular. But also speech bubbles and signs with funny sayings. Customized Photobooth props that match the bride and groom or the theme of the wedding are the most beautiful. The fun factor usually succeeds in luring even photo-shy guests in front of the camera.

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