Walk on clouds - The perfect bridal shoes

Wie auf Wolken laufen – Die perfekten Brautschuhe

High, narrow, pointed, elegant, glittery: many brides dream of fairytale princess shoes on which they can float down the aisle and glide across the dance floor in the evening. However, wedding shoes should not only look pretty. They must match the dress, fit perfectly on the foot and, above all, be comfortable. The most important tips around the bridal shoe purchase can be found here.

Color variety
Of course, it may happen that by chance you discover a dreamy pair in the shoe store before you have decided on a dress. However, you should buy the shoes only when you know what your wedding dress will look like. There is an enormous variety of white and cream shades. If you store for bridal shoes in advance, you run the risk that the shade – or even the style – will ultimately not match your dream dress. The height of the heels should also be matched to the length of the dress. Ideally, take a photo or even a fabric swatch of your wedding outfit with you when you go shoe shopping, find the perfect pair, and put them on when you try on the dress so that the hem can be pinned appropriately. Popular alternatives to bright bridal shoes are metallic tones such as gold and silver or shoes in bright colors, which as eye-catchers go very well with “clean chic” – straight-cut, simple outfits.

Happy feet
The importance of the comfort factor is often underestimated when buying wedding shoes. The big day of a bride is usually a very long day, which begins early in the morning with the first preparations and often ends with a lively party night. So you need shoes in which your feet feel comfortable – while standing, walking, sitting, dancing and for many hours. When buying, look for good quality, high-quality materials, a perfect fit and a comfortable footbed. If the latter is not optimally designed in your dream shoe, you can also use insoles. Ballerinas, pumps or even high heels? Heel height should match not only the dress, but also your habits. High-heeled shoes are especially suitable for brides who often like to wear high shoes in everyday life and can walk in them effortlessly. Leather shoes have the advantage of stretching and adapting to the feet. The bridal shoes should be broken in at home beforehand so that there are no blisters or pressure marks on the wedding day.

Double bridal shoes
A bride who chooses her shoes carefully, breaks them in extensively beforehand and even tests them on the dance floor, can avoid painful feet – or even accidents – on the big day. An emergency kit with gel pads, plasters and cooling spray still belongs in your own handbag or that of the maid of honor or bridesmaid for safety’s sake. But even a thoroughly comfortable pair of shoes can become uncomfortable in the long run after many hours and longer walks. Therefore, many brides opt for secondary shoes. The more glamorous bridal shoes are worn during the ceremony and photo shoot, but before the dinner and festivities, the bride simply slips into the much more comfortable – and usually flatter – second pair. If the dress is very long, this change of shoes is often not even noticed. And you can dance and party until the wee hours of the morning completely relaxed, without having to worry about the well-being of your feet.

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