Tipps & Tricks zum Hochzeits-Make-up

Tipps & Tricks rund ums Hochzeits-Make-up

Whether the wedding day is really the most beautiful day in a woman’s life is debatable. But one thing is certain: brides want to show their best side on this day. Besides the dress, accessories and hairstyle, makeup also plays a crucial role. So that you can face the beauty program around your wedding calmly, without having to fear make-up mishaps, we tell you some “Dos and Don’ts”.

DIY or professional makeup
The most important question first: do you want to do your own makeup on the day of the wedding or would you rather hire a makeup artist or other makeup professional? Many women who hardly wear make-up in everyday life and do not have the necessary routine are happy to place themselves in the experienced hands of a make-up artist and simply sit back and relax while the booked expert wields the brush. Women who are used to doing their own makeup and are always satisfied with the results often feel more comfortable maintaining their daily beauty ritual on their wedding day.

Do not apply too thick
Brides should better refrain from experimenting with bold colors or new cosmetic products on the big day. The perfect wedding makeup is not too gaudy, but rather subtle. It should not look mask-like or lead to a complete change of type, but should emphasize the individual, unique beauty of the bride. For a natural look, it’s best to choose soft nude, beige and pink tones. When it comes to eyeshadow colors, slightly silvery or golden shimmering nuances are also very popular. You should definitely schedule a trial makeup with all the chosen products well in advance of the wedding.

Beauty preparations
But besides this trial appointment – whether with the professional makeup artist or alone at home in front of the mirror – you can do more to prepare for bridal makeup. A visit to the beautician for a facial treatment with deep pore cleansing should take place a month before the wedding, so that the skin has enough time to settle down. However, a light lip and face scrub is also recommended the day before the wedding to make the skin nice and smooth. After that, it is important to moisturize your skin. The night before the wedding, you can apply a nourishing mask, which will have its effect overnight.

Waterproof and kiss-proof
A primer forms the basis for your wedding makeup and conceals pores or wrinkles. A concealer can make skin blemishes or dark shadows under the eyes disappear. The foundation provides an even complexion. It should cover well, but look light and natural. Waterproof mascara and kiss-proof lipstick are a must on the day of the wedding, because the makeup must not run or rub off when tears of joy roll or the bride and groom kiss. To make the look last all day, it’s best to go for high-quality cosmetics and long-lasting products. There are also special fixing sprays that are sprayed over the finished makeup. Lipstick and powder belong in the handbag to refresh the color or make unwanted shine disappear when needed.

Image credit: Eva’s Moments https://evas-augenblicke.de
Make-up: Lis Amelie / Lidia Kuskin

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