LA HORA LOCA - Everything you need to know about the wedding custom

LA HORA LOCA – Alles, was du über den Hochzeitsbrauch wissen musst

La Hora Loca” – the “frolicsome hour” – is something very special. If you have ever attended a wedding with this custom, you will surely have a lot of fun remembering it. Unless you’ve never experienced La Hora Loca for yourself, you’ve missed one of the best parties in the world!

But what is the whole thing anyway?
This wedding custom comes from South America, Colombia to be exact, and always starts exactly at midnight. While the wedding party is in full swing, La Hora Loca strikes. A siren sounds, the music turns up to full volume, there is usually a band that then hits the strings. The wedding party puts on traditional masks and hats. Feathered dancers, stilt walkers, and fire breathers appear and encourage guests to dance and celebrate exuberantly. The bride and groom can put on big hats with sequins, feathers and other materials to stand out from the crowd. In addition, there are often also exciting gimmicks such as firecrackers, carnival chains or LED glasses to make this hour even more spectacular.

A wonderful exuberance accompanies the wedding couple and their guests for an hour, it is a big hurrah! Of course, all this does not go without the certain level of firewater, traditionally “Aguardiente” is served, the most famous local liquor in Colombia. Latin American emigrants and tourists introduced the tradition to other Spanish-speaking countries before it spread to the United States and from there to Europe and the rest of the world. Today La Hora Loca has become an international phenomenon.

When it comes to fun and dancing, Latinos really know what they’re doing. People who love to dance and party all night will love this custom. At more and more weddings, couples are opting to hire professional entertainers like drummers, stilt walkers, clowns and samba dancers to liven up that crazy hour when no one really knows what all is going to happen.

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