Tips around the wedding stationery

Tipps rund um die Hochzeits-Papeterie

Emails, digital greeting cards, save-the-date via smartphone … The Internet has taken quite a bit of the personality out of our writing. However, many people long back for the handwritten word and lasting memories to touch and keep. This desire finds expression at more and more weddings, among others, which rely on real, expressive stationery from the start of planning to the final thank-you note. You too want to give your wedding a special romantic touch and a touch of nostalgia with paper and pen? Here come our tips.

Let your creativity run free

When it comes to stationery, the earlier you develop a concept that your wedding will follow, the better. The basis for this concept can be a color, a flower, a dance, a decade like the 20s, a fairy tale or a song. All aspects of your wedding will be coordinated with this central theme – from the wedding dress to the location and even the wedding stationery. The design elements of all written materials are aligned with the central concept – from the font to the design. If you are very detail-oriented, you can even define your own logo or lettering that can be found everywhere.

Support from the professional

When it comes to designing wedding stationery, you can either rely entirely on your own talents, get a professional on board or choose a middle ground, i.e. style, design and production are developed together with a stationery service provider, while details such as gluing, inserting, mailing … are handled by the bride and groom themselves. Caution: If you are not a specialist, you will definitely achieve better results with an expert. After all, there is a lot to consider, from the wording of the text to the type of paper (coated/uncoated, smooth/structured) and the correct format.

Everything then starts with the save-the-date card and the official invitation. They are the first contact with your guests and in the best case already leave an impression “to fall in love”. The majority of your stationery products will then be used at the celebration itself. For example, church booklets or program sheets for the wedding ceremony and menu and place cards are popular. A guest book or special printed products for example tissue dispensers or sparkler covers can also be used. You want to round off your wedding celebration in style? Then you can score points afterwards with a beautifully designed thank you card or even a photo album as a memento for the guests.

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