The perfect wedding suit - a guide for the groom

Der perfekte Hochzeitsanzug – ein Guide für den Bräutigam

With all the fuss about the woman’s wedding dress, the man’s outfit for the big day often takes a back seat. It is so important that “man” feels as comfortable as the bride. When it comes to the question of the right suit, a number of points play an important role, which we will discuss below.

1. the perfect fit – it is important that the suit fits properly at the shoulders as well as at the waist. It should not hang down, but also not too tight. It is best to seek advice here from specialist personnel!

2. the length of the jacket – the length and shape of the jacket can change the effect of your stature. Therefore, not every cut is suitable for every figure. Factors such as body size and weight distribution play a key role here. For example, the number of buttons also depends on the length of your jacket. Too few or too many buttons can quickly look unflattering.

3. the length of the pants – suit trousers should extend beyond the upper edge of the shoe at the heel, preferably finish at the edge of the shoe. In front, the length is perfect when the pants fall with a slight bend.

4. accessories for the suit – There are a number of ways to stand out as a groom on the big day. The best way to do this is with beautiful accessories – from simple to fancy. Whether with a colorful bow tie or necktie, a vest or chic cufflinks, the groom’s accessories should in any case reflect his personality and set individual accents.

5. the right shoes – Here plays not least the wedding location a role. For a free wedding ceremony on the beach, for example, the black patent shoes are rather out of place. To find the right type of shoe for your suit, feel free to read the following article again at your leisure:
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