Three things to look for when choosing the right wedding venue

Drei Dinge, auf die Sie bei der Wahl der richtigen Hochzeits-Location achten sollten

Also in the coming year numerous wedding couples will give themselves the yes-word in the monastery Wöltingerode. Before choosing the right location, there is always an intensive decision-making process, which we are happy to support with full commitment. You are planning your wedding in 2022 or 2023 and you are not quite sure yet which place for the celebration it should be? Here come our tips!

1) The location

Quite a decisive criterion when it comes to the wedding ceremony. Urban or in nature? On the beach or in a green field? Easily accessible for all guests or requiring additional effort to get there? All these questions have to be weighed up, personal wishes have to be reconciled with practical implementation. Of course, it is also optimal if your guests can stay overnight on site. After all, after a night of revelry, no one has much desire to organize another long walk to the nearest hotel. In the monastery Wöltingerode everything can be combined ideally: The idyllic location in the midst of greenery at the gates of Goslar as well as the possibility to accommodate all guests without any problems speak for themselves.

2) The gastronomy

Love goes through the stomach, that’s for sure. And a successful wedding celebration is also largely dependent on the catering and culinary variety. Your guests like it regional? Rather not meat? A menu is too “formal” for you? At Klosterhotel Wöltingerode you can rely not only on the excellent quality of our cuisine, but also on full flexibility. All our menus and (flying) buffets can be customized and will definitely delight your guests. Are you looking for that special extra? We cooperate with numerous service providers from the region, who will also inspire you in terms of wedding cake or candy bar, with delicious waffles or tasty drinks.

3) The flexibility

Bright beautiful sunshine and a warm wind blowing through the meadow. Perfect conditions for an outdoor wedding. But what if it suddenly starts to rain or the morning of the party is already gray in gray? At the Klosterhotel Wöltingerode you make yourself independent of the weather and the seasons. Our secret: the variety of possibilities. Whether it’s the cloister and courtyard, the monastery barracks, the Klistergarten or the classic fireplace room with a refuge … With us, you can celebrate exactly where you feel most comfortable and are prepared for any weather.

Arrange an appointment with us at any time to get to know each other and to view the property! We look forward to presenting you with the full diversity of our historic monastery complex.

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