Child care during the wedding

Kinderbetreuung während der Hochzeit

When organizing your wedding, in addition to the wedding dress, a suitable wedding location and the perfect wedding cake, you should not neglect childcare. In fact, unless child-friendly activities are offered, the wedding reception can become very boring for children, causing some children to whine and scream loudly. The fact that this can have a negative impact on the mood of the wedding guests and on the whole wedding celebration is self-explanatory.

To prevent such a low mood, you should think about a varied program for the little wedding guests. This will make your wedding celebration a stress-free and unforgettable experience – for you and for your guests. In this way, you will allow the parents of the little wedding guests to better enjoy and join in the celebration without having to constantly worry about keeping their children entertained.

A childcare service relieves the adult wedding guests. Instead of worrying about their children throughout and keeping them happy, this is a way for guests to unabashedly enjoy themselves, entertain and engage in valuable conversation. Below are listed some aspects that you should consider when organizing childcare during the wedding reception:

A location suitable for children

When looking for a suitable wedding venue, make sure that there are sufficient opportunities for the children to move around. They should also be able to romp around outside in between. It would be ideal if there was a separate room for the children to play together in peace and quiet. A playground that belongs to the wedding venue would also be ideal. Because in this way you will meet the children’s urge to move.

Movement games for children

Supervising and motivating children at play is no easy task. It is not always clear who will take over. Since you certainly want your guests to have a carefree time, this is where hiring a professional childcare service comes in handy. This will relieve your guests of the task of entertaining children.

Entertainment by professionals

It would be worth considering having movement games carried out on the basis of experienced animators. The professional entertainers can guide the game play, giving children the opportunities to perform various sports.

In addition, a bouncy castle could be rented, which would ensure the entertainment of the children and through which the occurrence of boredom is guaranteed to be prevented. So your little guests can let off steam at will and have a lot of fun!

Small ideas, big fun

Furthermore, the children at your wedding would also be very happy to receive various toys. For example, play items in the form of skipping ropes, rubber mitts, skipping ropes and footballs are ideal. Possibly bubble cans could also be included in the toy collection. However, water features or colors with “spill potential” should be avoided due to the festive attire.

Give free rein to creativity

A popular activity is to host a children’s face painting session or provide a dress-up box so that children can freely express themselves creatively as well. Not to neglect the musical aspect, you could even organize a children’s disco with the booked DJ. This would give you a wide range of activities for the little ones that leaves nothing to be desired, because tastes and preferences are different even among the youngest.

Gift bags suitable for children

To make the children feel completely comfortable, it is useful to provide a surprise bag for each child, which includes various toys to keep them busy. A coloring book with crayons, balloons, a toy car or craft instructions are just a few examples. Thus, the children will be able to occupy themselves individually. The small gifts keep the children happy and thus leave no room for boredom.

Food for children

Also, the physical well-being of the children should be provided, so that they feel good all around. Since children’s favorite foods often differ from those of adults, purely separate children’s menu should be considered. Finger food such as the ever-popular pizza or mini hamburgers are ideal here.

However, in addition to the familiar favorite foods of children – such as pasta with tomato sauce or chips with chicken nuggets – fresh fruit should also be an integral part of the children’s buffet. In this way, you offer the little ones a healthy balance. At the same time, the healthy snacks give them the opportunity to recharge their batteries with vitamins. For dessert, however, a small sweet treat should not be missing, which makes every child’s heart beat faster. This can be, for example, a vanilla ice cream or a candy cone.

Conclusion: This is how the ideal childcare during the wedding succeeds

Considering the needs of the little wedding guests is an important part of planning the best wedding reception. To make this an unforgettable experience, all guests must be taken care of – even the little ones. It is essential for the atmosphere at the wedding party that there is no boredom among the children. Because if that happens, they will sometimes make themselves heard in a loud scream, which will cause stress.

This can have a negative impact on the mood of all wedding guests and especially on the bride and groom, which is why the children’s program should definitely be well planned and thought out. Ideally, a professional children’s animation can be brought on board to organize movement games with the children. She acts as a supervisor of the children, which significantly relieves the parents of the little ones and thus can enjoy the wedding celebration without worries.

Furthermore, the children should be given the opportunity to be creative, for example, through various toys. Also, the possibility to have make-up always provides a lot of fun. So your little guests can have a delicious time, give free rein to their needs and will not be bored. As a small but effective token of appreciation for the children, the toys can be wrapped in the form of a surprise bag.

Of course, a children’s menu should also be available at the buffet, taking into account the children’s favorite food. This makes them feel equally welcome among the adult wedding guests. In this way, the wedding celebration will be an unforgettable experience for both young and old.

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