Theme wedding: colors, movies, fantasy

Theme wedding: colors, movies, fantasy

For the bride and groom, the relatives and the guests it is the party of the year – probably of a lifetime. A reason to raise the champagne glasses and ceremoniously toast the couple’s alliance. However, there is a lot of work behind it. Those of you who have already successfully held your wedding in the circle of your loved ones know how much planning really goes into it.

In addition to cultural frameworks and wedding customs, there are also rights and obligations to consider. Therefore, you should start early to structure and organize the celebration. Because as important as the wedding ceremony and the course of the marriage are, for many the location, the program and decoration plays at least as big a role!

First things first: the right theme for your wedding

You don’t have a motto yet for probably the most important celebration of your life? Remember, weddings don’t have to have ordinary standard routines or mediocre decor. It is allowed to be worth mentioning, creative, colorful and funny. Motto weddings are the absolute trend. There is no limit to creativity here, because it’s your day, take advantage of it! Whether it’s a barefoot wedding at a yoga retreat, white dress on the beach, boho chic or a motto wedding full of color!

In the case of motto or theme weddings, the wedding celebration is held under a certain motto. Here the bride and groom can be based on common interests, hobbies or a theme. Maybe your first vacation together was to an exotic country and you want to relive that experience? Or do you feel a special connection with your homeland? Very exciting are also trips to the past with theme weddings to the Golden 20s or even the 1980s.

Finding the motto for your own wedding should be the first step of planning. Especially for the guests it will be fun to adapt to the motto and dress accordingly. But also the location and the decoration will make the experience an unforgettable day.

We recommend that you create a checklist to ensure that the planning goes smoothly. Among the most important points are the wedding dress, the music, the photographer as well as the location. It is also important to discuss the menu with the catering, because this can also be very well adapted to the wedding theme. Also, give your guests time to prepare for a themed wedding, because the outfits that are bought for such spectacular day also need a bit of planning.

Colors, movies, fantasyon your theme wedding

To give you more special ideas along the way, we also recommend the following interesting topics. With the three themed weddings like colors, movies and fantasy, there are endless ideas that can be implemented.

Starting with special color combinations. Here a hit is the combinations of black and white, or rather the opposite – the choice of all the colors of the rainbow. So here you go one step further with the color concept. Wonderfully, you can also choose different plants and flowers as color. In addition to the table decorations, balloons and garlands, the groomsmen can also add color to the picture. Powerful red, refreshing yellow or perhaps the violet of lavender? Guests can also dress according to the colors, creating a visually harmonious wedding photo with all the guests.

Also popular among brides and grooms are themed weddings based on popular movies or favorite movie character. Use the love of movies to make their wedding reception a trip to another world. You can make it the way you’ve always imagined it! For the romantics among us, Disney movies are of course also a super template to create a themed wedding after. You can select eras, genres or a specific movie. Besides Dirty Dancing and Titanic, The Great Gatsby is also a popular theme.

Definitely not going to be boring with the wedding theme fantasy. Have you always been a fan of fairy tales and fantasy world or prefer traveling to the galaxies? If not Star Wars or Game of Thrones, then maybe Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? If you want it to be even more interactive, you can also plan a medieval market. These are common throughout Germany and are very popular with visitors. Check out actionable ideas here and incorporate them into your themed wedding. But maybe a forest fairy and elf wedding would be something for you? If you don’t want to specialize in individual films, just keep the topic selection general.

Our conclusion to the theme wedding

As in many other things, tastes differ, but that does not mean that you should hesitate and put your own wishes behind!

Just let the creativity run wild and the efforts will be worth it after an excellent wedding party! Guests will fall off their stools when they experience the benefits of a themed wedding for themselves.

We are sure, your guests will not be bored with amazement so quickly. With all the above wedding themes, it will definitely be unforgettable moments that will always provide talking points and distinctive memories.

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