The new outfits: with fancy into married life

Die neuen Outfits Mit Ausgefallenheit ins Eheleben

The marriage covenant: arguably the greatest promise we make to each other in our lives, and keeping it requires cooperation, mutual trust and loyalty. And as big as we dream the special day of marriage, it should be duly celebrated with pomp and pageantry. But we do this best when we provide some exoticism with our personal touch. And how does that work better than with a fancy wedding outfit?

The traditional white wedding is moving further and further into the background. Colorful, creative, new ideas appear in their place and bring variety to the world of wedding planners. Here a wedding in pink, there a wedding on the beach. The start of married life should suit us and be the springboard for a loving and happy marriage. Therefore, we should design it as we are: Colorful, unconventional, creative and varied!

Fancy weddings – the motto determines the outfits!

Not everyone follows the idea of a pure white wedding, where all the guests are dressed in bright tones to symbolize purity, perfection, joy and life. Want to add some variety to your big day? Then why not celebrate a themed wedding!

Give your guests the theme under which the big day will take place and let the outfits completely according to your ideas. Everything will be coordinated with your desired motto on this day: The location, decoration, music, food, program – and last but not least the outfits. Arrange your wedding according to your hobby! Popular mottos include the following:

  • Color wedding: weddings in colorful instead of black and white
  • Love is all you need – a hippie wedding
  • Vintage and rockabilly weddings
  • Close to nature: Wedding by the sea, in the forest or in the mountains
  • Off to the golden 20s! Wedding in 20s style
  • Love through all seasons: a seasonal wedding

This is only a selection of different mottos, you are of course no limits!

The perfect outfit for the perfect day 

Now it’s time to find your outfit for the big day. Whether in everyday life or at a special event: with our outfits we express ourselves, reflect who we are and what makes us tick. Quite individual and unusual. Why not do the same at a wedding?

1. let’s break gender roles!

Starting with the traditional image of the beautiful bride in a gorgeous dress with a long train and veil, standing next to her handsome husband, who proudly and happily puts his arm around her in a suit.

But gender roles are increasingly being broken down. Why not wear a chic one-piece or a pantsuit as a bride? Not everyone is most comfortable in a dress! And not only dresses can look elegant, graceful, feminine or graceful.

In addition, the world is becoming more diverse and open to love relationships of all kinds. Same-sex marriage, for example, has been legally permitted in Germany since 2017 and opens up many different possibilities.

As a bride, wear a jacket or as a groom, replace the classic gray or black suit with the outfit you’ve always wanted to wear. Self-realization is the highest good in life and should not be barred from you on your big day.

2. white like purity, colorful like life

As colorful as life is, so are we. Different characters define us, experiences shape us and make us the people we are. With all the colors and experiences that we carry within us. Radiate that outward and have a colorful wedding!

Enchant your guests in a colorful summer dress, make everyone smile with colorful socks, shine in a green suit or surprise the family in a yellow two-piece. Pink patent shoes, purple high heels, yellow sandals. The rainbow palette imposes no limits on you.

3. Back to the roots

You like to dance swing, you are enthusiastic about Elvis Presley and Amy Whinehouse? Music from the 70s is always played at family celebrations? Then they travel back to a time you are so excited about at your wedding!

Silk gloves, feathered hats, beaded sparkly dresses, suspenders, loose pants – dress in the style of the decade you feel comfortable in. Get the bright colors out of your closet, throw on colorful patterns and ankle length dresses.

With fancy into married life

The wedding is your big day and should be completely according to your ideas and wishes. There are no limits to what you can wear. No matter

  • Petticoat and feather hat,
  • Shorts and summer dress,
  • Rainbow colors
  • Glitter and glamour – outfits from Hollywood,

Realize your special day in the way that suits you and let off steam in motto, location, decoration, music and of course fancy outfits. Sweep your wedding guests away and experience an unforgettable day full of happy memories. As fancy as you are.

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