The Drinks Guide: Must-haves, Dont’s and the Hippest Cocktails 2022

Der Getränke Guide: Must-haves, Dont’s und die Hippsten Cocktails 2022

Drinks are the name of the game at a wedding – not only are they one of the biggest costs, but they keep your guests happy throughout the day. Therefore, it is even more important to ensure that sufficient beverages are provided and that they are well received by the guests.
What you should pay special attention to and what are the new trends in drinks for weddings, you will learn in this article.

Correctly calculate drinks at weddings

The right amount and selection of drinks for your wedding ultimately depends on your taste and that of your guests. Nevertheless, it is advisable to have enough of the classics in stock. As a rule of thumb, the following average amounts per person have proven effective:
1.5 liters of beer
0.5 liters of wine
1.5 liters of non-alcoholic beverages (water and soft drinks)
In this calculation, you should include all guests – including those who do not drink alcohol and children. As a result, the quantities per person balance out well.
If you have also planned a champagne reception after the wedding ceremony, you are on the safe side with a calculation of 1.5 glasses of champagne or non-alcoholic beverage.

Drinks ideas for the champagne reception

At many weddings, the champagne reception after the wedding ceremony is a must. But it doesn’t always have to be the classic sparkling wine and orange juice. If your wedding takes place in the summer, why not try a fruity Bellini? This one not only looks great, but also has a wonderfully fruity and refreshing taste. For a winter wedding, for example, you can offer an apple-cinnamon cocktail.
You can also let your creativity run wild when presenting the drinks at your champagne reception. Try a vintage serving cart as a bar, a coffee bike, a champagne wall or a prosecco bar.
There are also great alternatives to orange juice for the youngest guests and those who don’t drink alcohol. For example, fresh homemade lemonade from the lemonade bar is an excellent alternative that makes a lot of difference.

High percentage for your wedding

On the most beautiful day, high-proof drinks must not be missing. Be it drink stations, mobile bar staff or a whisky bar – there are no limits to your creativity, budget permitting. However, it is advisable to keep the cocktail assortment small with 3 to 5 drinks, but make sure that they meet the taste of your guests. So the rule is: less is more.
With the right drinks, you can also add the finishing touches to your celebration. Coordinate the drinks, for example, in color with your wedding decor or the theme. You can also simply choose your personal favorite cocktails to add a personalized touch to your wedding or go with the current trends.

Cocktail trends 2022

In recent years, everything has revolved around gin. Now there is a clear trend towards tequila. Overall, the focus in cocktails is shifting to better and better basic ingredients. “Glowtails” are especially hot right now because they combine fresh ingredients with a refreshing taste. In short, natural, high-quality and seasonal products are the trend.
Which drinks you will not be able to avoid in the near future, we show you here:

  • Gin Basil Highball: Gin (e.g. 1682 noble gin), lemon juice, sugar syrup, basil and soda – that’s all you need for this refreshingly sweet and sour classic.
  • Paloma: For this Mexican classic you need tequila, limes, salt and grapefruit lemonade. The fruity, tart flavor is perfect for balmy summer evenings and is quick and easy to prepare.
  • Berries on the Rocks: This refreshing glowtail with rum, wildberry and berries is perfect for guests looking for a light cocktail with little alcohol.
  • Limoncello Spritz: You can refine this fruity drink with Limoncello or Cita lemon liqueur, Prosecco and mineral water with mint, basil or lemon balm.


  • Cocktails that are too heavy and contain alcohol, like the Long Island Iced Tea
  • Cocktails that contain milk and cream, like the Piña Colada
  • Sours and cocktails that are not fruity enough, like the Negroni

Non-alcoholic drinks tips for your wedding

You can surprise your guests with other non-alcoholic drinks, for example, non-alcoholic beer, wine and sparkling wine, in addition to the already mentioned lemonade bar. Non-alcoholic cocktails, so-called “mocktails,” are particularly trendy at the moment. With ingredients like non-alcoholic gin, you can offer guests at your wedding delicious drinks at 0% drinking strength.
Particularly in vogue at the moment are:

  • Gin Soda Mocktail
  • Salty Mango Shrub
  • Ipanema (Virgin Caipirinha)
  • Strawberry Shrub

The perfect choice of drinks for your wedding

Die perfekt Getränkeauswahl für Ihre Hochzeit

Stick to our beverage guide to top off your best day with the perfect drink selection. Let your creativity run wild and impress your guests with excellent drinks and an exceptional presentation. So not only you, but also your guests will keep your most beautiful day wonderfully in memory!

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