Why it makes sense to visit a wedding fair before the wedding

Hochzeiten für kleine Budgets

The big day – for many people, the wedding is one of the great goals in life, which promises them eternal happiness, perfection and profound connection. How do you envision your big day? All in white in a sea of rose bouquets, framed by a graceful chapel and wrapped in church bells? Free, open and full of sunshine in the soft sand of the eternal beach, immersed in the romantic golden light of the sunset? Or yet completely different from what was ever suggested to you by a bridal magazine?

However you imagine your wedding, surely it should become the most unforgettable day of your life. But where dreams are big, worries can become even bigger. A wedding can mean high costs, especially if you want it to be perfect in every little detail. But aren’t it the little things that seem the most valuable to us?

In this article, we reveal how you can get your dream wedding off the ground on a shoestring budget and fly high despite big savings.

Was ist eine Hochzeitsmesse?

Before we get to our tips on how to set up your dream wedding on a budget, let’s get one thing straight: your wedding day is your big day, and it belongs to no one but you. For this reason, you should also design it exactly the way you want it. Advice and recommendations from friends and family can be well-intentioned, but they can also often steer you in a direction you didn’t initially want to go. After all, you want the wedding to be well received by all guests and no one spread bad vibes.

However, you should listen to your heart alone from the beginning of the planning process. So before you start the actual planning, sit down as a couple and make a list of all the things that are close to your heart that will make your wedding the perfect day. While planning, always keep your goal in mind and never lose focus. After all, in the best case scenario, you only get married once in your life and you definitely don’t want to regret creating this special day.

You are welcome to save on money, but no compromises will be made when it comes to love!

Putting on a wedding for little money? We'll show you how it's done!

There are many tips and tricks on how to effectively save money. You may even notice aspects during the planning that at first seemed indispensable, but in the end were pure inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram and co. and would have been merely the imitation of a seemingly dreamlike internet wedding.

With whom should you visit the wedding fair?

Our first tip is to take time at the beginning of the wedding planning process to do extensive budget planning. List all the costs you will incur and estimate how much you will have to pay.

This may include …

  • … Location Cost,
  • … Cost of outfits for the bride and groom,
  • … Cost of the wedding rings,
  • … Costs for the registry office,
  • … Cost of a photographer,
  • … Cost of the decoration,
  • … Cost of the meal,
  • … Costs for the honeymoon

… and much more. Rank the items that come up in order of importance so that you can cross off unnecessary cost items at a given time. Next, set a fixed budget that you do not want to exceed under any circumstances.

Once you have done this, you will have an initial solid point of reference to guide you throughout the planning process and, if necessary, make some seemingly endless decisions easier.

Reasons why it makes sense to visit a wedding fair

For many prospective wedding couples, a wedding planner may be a found goldmine. Experts in wedding planning have a more trained eye and know how to make your big day shine – Right? Professional wedding planners will create a concept based on both of your characters and, at best, design your big day exactly as you dreamed it. However, in most cases such a service costs a large sum of money and may already take up a large part of your available budget.

Our recommendation: Take the planning into your own hands! This means much more work, nerves, time and energy, but this way you have all the planning steps in your own hands and can decide everything at your own discretion.

Friends and relatives are also a great help. For sure, each of your loved ones will be happy to contribute to your wedding. Just ask if anyone has enough wine and champagne glasses. Maybe someone has a few tables and chairs stored in the garage that will provide comfortable seating for your wedding guests?

When planning, your loved ones will certainly also actively assist you, support you in difficult decisions and advise you when the choice of table decorations seems endless.

You can save a lot of costs by being hands-on and doing a wide variety of things yourself. This is especially suitable for:

  • Wedding invitations and thank you cards – your guests will be delighted with self-designed invitation cards, as they will feel personally addressed and see how much effort you have already put into the invitation. Even a few self-written thank you lines after the celebration will bring back already slightly faded memories of the emotional day in an authentic way.
  • Decoration – Let your creativity run wild and design your location the way you like it! Does your girlfriend particularly enjoy crafting? Give her the opportunity to participate in the decoration as a wedding gift!
  • Music – A lovingly compiled playlist wraps your big day in a magical atmosphere. In addition, you can customize the music to suit your guests and thus a few favorite songs to create a soulful mood.
  • Wedding cake / desserts – you or acquaintances are avid bakers? Why not spend a creative afternoon in your kitchen and design your cake or desserts as you see fit!
  • Accessories – Gold necklaces, earrings, bracelets and hair ornaments can make you sparkle, but also carry a hefty price tag. Even braided hairbands from dried flowers give you more naturalness and are sustainable to boot.

Of course, there are no limits to what aspects of your wedding you take into your own hands. The more you find, the better! DIY projects will immerse your wedding in a much more personal and authentic light, allowing your guests to fully empathize with your own emotional world.

If you lack inspiration for individual ideas, feel free to use platforms like Pinterest to stimulate your creative mind.

Find the perfect wedding dress

The most inconspicuous places can become the most magical locations with a little love. Here we have for you a small list of affordable wedding venues for magical moments:

  • the own garden/garden of acquaintances
  • A barn
  • Rental premises of associations
  • Gymnasiums (of elementary schools)

Get to know service provider

Many couples dream of getting married in the summer with pleasant temperatures and bright sunshine – the months of May to August are the most popular and consequently the most expensive and in addition, unfortunately, often fully booked. A beautiful and much cheaper alternative is a winter wedding. Defy convention and bring the warmth back to the cold season with your wedding. It is also advisable to get married on a weekday rather than on the weekend.

You can also save significant costs on your day itself with the help of time management. For example, don’t stretch the wedding out over the entire day, but limit it to a specific time of day. Then you “have” to offer your guests food only once and save a lot of money.

Gather trends and inspiration

For the food itself, the motto is again: Do it yourself! Does a family member like to cook? Then it will certainly be pleased to contribute self-prepared food to the wedding dinner. Divide different components of the desired meal selection between different people and you’ll have a wide variety of different meals together! BBQs or buffets are particularly suitable here and ensure a relaxed and carefree get-together.

Also, you can save a lot of money by not offering extravagant cocktails and only one type of alcohol.

Food and beverage tasting

It doesn’t always have to be the pompous fireworks at the end of the evening or the live band. Even with inexpensive alternatives, you can offer your guests a diverse program that will definitely provide a lot of good humor.

Here are a few ideas from us:

  • Involve your guests already in the ceremony and distribute bubbles, sparklers, pop lights, flowers or the like
  • the bridal bouquet toss
  • Let music-loving friends to the DJ booth and provide varied music
  • self-made games for both the bride and groom and the guests
  • Wedding speeches from the bride and groom and guests
  • self-created sketches
  • a video slideshow for melancholic moments
  • popular garden games (e.g.: can throwing, corn hole)
  • Table games (e.g.: Tic Tac Toe, City Land River, Puzzles)
  • a guestbook for dear messages
  • Distribute disposable cameras to capture special moments spontaneously
  • Photo games

Save money with discounts and offers

As you can see, a wedding doesn’t have to mean a fortune to be beautiful. With a well-structured savings concept, you can plan weddings for as little as €5,000 or €1,000, among other things.

Set no limits to your creativity and enjoy your day!

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