these boots are made for marrying –  3 different types of shoes to suit

These boots are made for marrying – 3 verschiedene Schuhtypen zum Anzug

The wedding is not only a very special, but usually also a particularly long day. From the ceremony, to the reception, to a night of dancing the night away, this is where the shoes should fit – and fit the suit, the occasion, and most importantly, the foot! We present three different types of shoes that will look great at any wedding.

The timeless classic

Oxford and Derby shoes are certainly the classic shoes to wear with a suit and therefore the first choice for most wedding outfits.
The elegant low shoe is available in many variations, from simply shiny to nobly decorated. In terms of color, it then traditionally comes down to black, sometimes brown.

The eye catchers

If you want to dare a little more, there are no limits to the imagination. Many men’s shoes are captivating in that you can let off steam with rivets, heels or fancy leather variants, for example, without losing any of their elegance. So, you can also consider brogues or even a creeper sole if it ends up matching the suit and individual types.

For real cowboys

Simple Chelsea boots or classy boots with a Cuban heel can look particularly elegant with a suit. For a celebration in the winter is very pleasant. But even for those who do not like to wear low shoes, this option is therefore very interesting.

Absolute tip: Run the shoes in before the big day, hard leather can be great softened by Neatsfoot oil in the process, while still getting a classy freshness and added shine.

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