What to do when it rains?

Was tun bei Regen?

For months you have planned, organized and done everything so that the upcoming wedding will be a wonderful experience for the bride and groom and guests. But despite all the preparation, there is one thing you can’t control: the weather. Unfortunately, anyone getting married here in Germany can’t rely on sunshine, blue skies and pleasantly warm temperatures. Not even in summer. What best helps against a sad awakening on a gray, rainy wedding day is good preparation. The more bad weather is factored into the planning, the better. Then you can still be positively surprised by bright sunshine.

Colorful is trumps

Fortunately, there are many ways to make the most beautiful day in life simply great, even in the rain. Pavilion, tent or pergola can be decorated in 1000 ways and are a welcome meeting place in any weather. For this purpose, there are many pretty accessories that sweeten a wedding celebration and gray skies for the guests and set great color accents. Colorful rubber boots for everyone, personalized blankets or pretty umbrellas are not only a nice protection from the weather, but also look really good in photos. Speaking of photos: a shoot in the rain by a professional conjures up very special moods. If you still want to shine again with the sun around the bet, plan an after-wedding shooting.

Another must-have for a rainy day are towels. Because as a rule, it does not rain for hours on end, but you can venture outdoors again after the downpour without worrying. With the towels, chairs and benches are quickly dry again.

Dream location: indoors & outdoors

All in all, while rain for a wedding is not necessarily a bride and groom’s heart’s desire, there are plenty of ways to make the most of the weather. You will always be on the safe side if the wedding venue you choose can provide you with both outdoor celebration options and beautiful indoor covered spaces. In Wöltingerode Monastery you will find the best conditions for a dreamlike wedding celebration in any weather.

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