Decorate the table!

Tischlein dekorier’ dich!

If only it were that simple … The question of the right table decoration at a wedding can fill entire books. Nevertheless, there are some tips that you should follow in any case, so that your guests feel completely comfortable at your place and a real experience for the senses is created.

Setting the framework

Clarify the most important questions with your location in advance: How are the tables positioned? What equipment – tableware, napkins, cutlery, dishes, etc. – is available on site and do you want to use it? Who prepares the decoration? How much time is available for decorating? Once these questions have been clarified, things can finally get concrete. Think about the style that best suits you and the location you have chosen. A nautical table decoration by the water can be just as charming as a deliberately set contrast, such as a very classy decoration in a more rustic location. Favorite colors, patterns or a particular flower can also set the tone for table decorations.

Choose your centerpiece

It is especially helpful if you determine your decoration starting from a so-called “centerpiece”. You want to include the service of your grandmother? You have fallen in love with a very specific napkin? You already know exactly which flower arrangement should be the center of attention? Great Then you can easily match the rest of the table decorations to your favorite piece. From candle holders and the right glasses to unusual decorative elements or green leaf ribbons – there are no limits to your imagination.

Special attention should also be paid to the question of stationery. Table numbers, name tags and menu cards are a wonderful reminder of a glittering wedding reception and will be enjoyed by guests. It is best to work with a private service provider who can make this element on your wedding table classy and beautiful. Whether romantic, playful, modern or vintage: here you can set particularly beautiful accents.

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