Live band or DJ? which is better?

Liveband oder DJ?

Live band or DJ? Read our tips for musical accompaniment at your wedding in this post.

Good music is an indispensable and defining part of any wedding. So, if you want to say yes to each other, you should invest some time in planning the music at your wedding. But is to be considered when it comes to the question of whether it is better to book a live band or a DJ? First, think about your vision of your wedding – how can music complement and enrich that vision?

The following checklist should help you choose music for your wedding. Moreover, you can combine it with the search of a suitable wedding venue.

  • Does your wedding celebration have a special theme to which a certain type of music (or a special location) would fit particularly well?
  • What are your personal music preferences?
  • Are there any special music requests from your guests?
  • How much space does the rented wedding venue offer? How is the sound quality inside the room? Does it echo or reverberate there?

Music from the live band vs. wedding with DJ

After you have defined an overall vision of your ideal wedding and your music preferences, the question becomes whether to hire a live band or a DJ. In fact, both good bands and DJs are booked out quickly, which is why it is advisable to think about booking as soon as possible after the engagement. But what aspects should be considered when making this decision? Which is the better option depends entirely on your personal preferences and the accents you want to set. To make the decision easier, you will find some advantages and disadvantages below:

The advantages of a DJ

The main advantage of a DJ over a live band is that he needs much less space with his mixer than a live band with several instruments. Therefore, one reason to hire a DJ is limited space at the wedding venue – if there is no room for a stage, the DJ is a better choice.

Furthermore, the DJ can draw on an unlimited repertoire when choosing music. However, DJs often do not make their own music. However, DJs often do not make their own music.

The advantages of a live band

A live band, on the other hand, often has its own songs and can also explicitly respond to music requests of the guests. In addition, she can convince with the fact that she makes music directly on site – a live performance is an experience for the eyes and ears and can greatly contribute to a positive mood of the wedding guests. A live performance is unique and can thus make your wedding an unforgettable experience through musical entertainment.

A good DJ is also able to convey emotions and interact with his audience. Nevertheless, as already mentioned, the individual character that a live band can give to your wedding is not given.

However, when choosing a DJ, you can’t go wrong as much as when choosing a live band. If the style of music has been determined before the wedding reception and the DJ has provided audio samples, the risk of being disappointed is relatively low. On the other hand, a live band that does not fully understand its craft can cause the mood of the wedding guests to drop. A band’s performance is often situational and thus can surprisingly cause the wedding reception to not be as entertaining as expected.

Since a wedding often involves a considerable amount of money, the choice of music also depends on the budget. Live bands and DJs can be associated with very different costs.

We have dealt with this question for you in detail.

Feiernde Hochzeitsgäste

The costs for both musical variants in detail

The cost incurred for musical accompaniment at a wedding can vary greatly – the first factor in this case is the type of musical accompaniment. A band consists of several players who all need to be paid, while a DJ works alone and is accordingly less expensive.

Basically, live bands are more expensive than DJs and you should budget between 2500-5000 euros for the whole evening when looking for your ideal band. However, the exact price can vary and depends on factors such as the level of awareness of your desired musicians, the travel distance or the additional or preparation effort (e.g. desired songs that need to be learned).

With a DJ, the costs are lower. For a hobby DJ, for example, the cost of an evening is only 350-800 euros. But familiarity is also a factor for DJs. An experienced DJ charges 800-1200 euros per evening and a full-time DJ can charge between 1200-3000 euros. However, at this price category, it is worth considering whether a live band would be more worthwhile.

A budget-friendly compromise would be to have a live band play only to kick off the wedding reception and book a less expensive DJ for the rest of the evening. By booking the band only for a part of the wedding, you save the wallet, but still do not have to give up the live atmosphere of a band.

When choosing musical accompaniment should not ignore the season. Die Nachfrage ist im Sommer immer sehr hoch, womit Auftritte auch dementsprechend teurer sind.

Conclusion – Who will make the music for your wedding?

To summarize, both booking a live band and a DJ has advantages, but also disadvantages. Depending on how you divide the wedding budget, which option best meets your music needs and how, or if, your desired location limits you in your choice, you can plan an unforgettable celebration with a live band, but also with a DJ, or even with both options.

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