Marry despite Corona - you need to know that

Heiraten trotz Corona – das müssen Sie wissen

The wedding year 2020 was red in many calendars just a few weeks ago. Whether as a guest or as a bride and groom, the anticipation of dancing through summer nights and romantic celebrations in the circle of loved ones made the year very special for many. That was before Corona. The virus and its effects have thwarted many plans. In spring, celebrations were and are only possible in the very smallest circle – if one can speak of a celebration at all when the bridal couple and the registrar meet.

But slowly, the first easing is in sight. Those who want to get married between May and August 2020 will have to be prepared for restrictions, but should not give up hope of celebrating with their families. We tell you under what circumstances a wedding in the summer of 2020 can still succeed.

Stay flexible

The first thing to do is to stay calm and wait as long as possible. It is difficult to plan longer than 6 weeks in advance at the moment. Therefore, monitor current developments and be prepared for flexible adjustments. Who would like to celebrate its wedding in really large round, should consider already now a shift into the year 2021. With change-the-date cards, you can prepare your guests for changes early. Legal counsel can help if there is a larger financial cost associated with the shift on the part of private service providers.

For private celebrations, on the other hand, there are positive signs. Church services and weddings in small circles have been permitted again since the beginning of May. Group celebrations in private establishments remain prohibited, but here, too, relaxations are in sight during the first weeks of May. In some cases, the procedure differs from municipality to municipality. Stay in touch with the appropriate authorities to respond quickly to changes.

Wedding by the sea

Who would like to give itself at the Baltic Sea the yes-word, may already breathe a sigh of relief: Starting from 18 May hotels open. Guesthouses and apartments, restaurants are already back in operation from May 9. From May 25, visitors from other federal states will benefit from the relaxation – then entry to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania will be permitted again. A role model that will hopefully have no impact on the spread of COVID-19 and thus set a precedent.

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