Tiny Weddings: Small but mighty

Tiny Weddings: Klein aber Oho

Celebrate the big day very small? In the wake of the Corona Pandemic, there were also many restrictions when it came to weddings, especially regarding the number of guests. Due to the contact restrictions, many couples were forced to either postpone or adapt their wedding ceremony to the given constraints. But the current boom in so-called Tiny Weddings shows that necessity can also become a virtue.

What is a Tiny Wedding?

A large wedding with many guests? This is what most bridal couples dream of and even though a pompous, expansive celebration certainly has its appeal, the trend right now is going in a different direction. Nowadays, many people want a small, more intimate wedding to say yes to each other in the closest circle of friends and family. A Tiny Wedding, literally a “tiny wedding,” or also called a micro-wedding or mini wedding, refers to a wedding with no more than 20-50 guests, instead of the 100+ often present at traditional weddings. Instead of a big event, a Tiny Wedding focuses on the bride and groom and their closest friends and family members. This gives the celebration a very intimate and special touch.

The advantages of a Tiny Wedding

Fewer guests – more budget

Less is more. Literally in this case, because a big advantage with a small wedding is budget. The fewer guests you invite, the more budget you have at your disposal, which you can invest much more consciously. A Tiny Wedding makes it possible to choose an extravagant location with high-end decor, afford an expensive photographer or serve a fancy 5-star menu. You may even plan a trip together with your guests. Of course, you can also use some of the larger budget for your own personal purposes and perhaps make your dream of a designer wedding dress possible. A Tiny Wedding focuses on quality over quantity!

More planning security and flexibility

Tiny Weddings have proven to be a good alternative to a large wedding, especially in the years of the corona pandemic, to allow the celebration to take place despite the more difficult conditions. But even in the event of bad weather or other unforeseen changes in plans, a Tiny Wedding makes it much easier to respond to potential changes in circumstances.

Relaxed more time for you and your guests

Another point that should not be underestimated is certainly the effort involved. A sprawling wedding with many guests must be planned carefully and in good time and can possibly degenerate into stress. Many brides and grooms realize after a big wedding that the preparations were very nerve-wracking and they hardly had time to talk to all their guests on the big day. With a Tiny Wedding, both the planning phase and the wedding itself turn out to be much less stressful. You can devote your attention to each individual guest and thus consciously experience the wedding ceremony as a community with your closest friends and family members.

More room for individuality

A Tiny Wedding allows you to make your wedding a very personal event for you and your guests. The smaller setting allows you to add very individual touches to decorations and also to guest favors. Instead of a large amount of identical guest gifts, a Tiny Wedding gives you the opportunity to give each guest a personalized gift, expressing your appreciation for each person. You can much more easily accommodate both your own preferences and those of your guests at a small wedding, and include everyone present – whether it’s in terms of entertainment or even activities like the wedding photo shoot. Maybe you also feel like a theme wedding? In a small circle, this is much easier to implement.

What to consider when implementing a Tiny Wedding

  • Keep the number of guests small

The nuts and bolts of a Tiny Wedding is, of course, to keep the number of guests low. Your wedding should not exceed the limit of 50 guests maximum, so you can really take advantage of a Tiny Wedding. So you need to think carefully about who you want to put on the guest list.

  • Take advantage of the small frame

Due to the reduced number of guests and the resulting increased budget, you have more options in terms of location and catering than with a large celebration. Accordingly, planning should also be done with this in mind and quality should be the main focus.

  • Enjoy the celebration

Make your big day an unforgettable experience with a Tiny Wedding! The small setting provides a relaxed and intimate atmosphere where the focus is on the bride and groom and their most important people. Whatever you choose in terms of location and process, a Tiny Wedding will make your wedding an individual and authentic experience that is sure to be remembered.

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