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Flowers wedding desired? Tips and ideas for the floral dream

Instagram, Pinterest and Co. show the way: The right plants add a unique flair to the celebration and make for a floral wedding. But what looks so beautiful on the web requires a lot of preparation. What should be considered in the topic of wedding floristry, you can learn here.

Choose the right florist / florist

In the flower store around the corner they always conjure up beautiful bouquets for your living room? Unfortunately, this does not mean that this store is the right one for the flowers at your wedding. Find out in advance on the net about reputable wedding florists and florists in your area, arrange a personal consultation and check exactly how much experience they really have. Ask to see photos from the portfolio and consider whether the work matches your style and vision. It can be helpful to also bring sample photos of your own to the consultation as inspiration to visualize your ideas. Here applies:

  • At least three to four months before the wedding, the florist or florist should be determined
  • About four weeks before the big day, the florist should know what flowers to actually order

Create a decoration concept for the wedding flowers

Once the florist or florist is decided, you need to decide on a style that, if possible, will be a common thread throughout the wedding. Do you like it more classic-romantic, brightly colored or modern? Should the flowers be the color-giving element of your wedding or rather blend discreetly into the overall picture?

It is important that the amount of floral decoration is perfectly adapted to the size of the banquet hall. Pompous centerpieces only make sense in a large ballroom. For a rustic outdoor wedding, you can choose wildflowers. Besides, the flowers of the bridal bouquet should also match the style of the wedding dress. On the wedding invitations flowers can also already play a role.

Beliebte Hochzeits-Blumen und ihre Bedeutung

Seasonal instead of high prices

Go for seasonal plants: peonies make wonderful wedding flowers in May or June! However, in September it is difficult to use. If a flower variety is not in season at the moment, it will gladly cost double or even triple the price than during the main flowering season. Therefore, it is recommended to choose seasonal flowers for the wedding. However, there are a number of flowers that are relatively easy to get year-round and have a consistent price: These include:

  • Gerberas
  • Cloves
  • Orchids
  • Roses
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Gypsophila

Popular wedding flowers and their meaning

Roses are probably the most classic wedding flowers of all and are especially popular with romantics as they represent love. Depending on the color, the symbolism varies. While the red rose stands for passion and desire, white roses rather express innocence and loyalty.

Peonies, similar to the “normal” roses, also represent love and symbolize feminine beauty. Since ancient times, this flower is believed to have healing properties. In Christianity, too, it stands for salvation and security.

Lilies carry the most diverse meanings: on the one hand, they stand for sensuality, dignity and elegance. Especially in the Christian faith, they are considered a symbol of purity, innocence and love. Other interpretations say that they represent unity, femininity or transience.

Eucalyptus is more than just a trendy plant. It is said to work against negative energy and have a purifying effect.

Orchids are the flowers of fertility, desire and admiration for beauty. White orchids represent purity and grace.

The perfect flowers for the perfect day

To find the right flowers for your wedding, it’s important to agree on a consistent style and choose plants to match it. In general, however, seasonal flowers are less expensive and there are many species that also bloom year-round, such as. Roses or orchids.

The flowers should definitely be integrated into the wedding planning like a common thread and coordinated with the room size as well as the wedding dress. Even with the invitations can already work with them!

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