What you should definitely consider when choosing your wedding location

Was Sie bei der Wahl Ihrer Hochzeits-Location unbedingt beachten sollten

Finding the dream place for the dream celebration is sometimes not so easy. Especially because the priorities around the perfect wedding location can easily get mixed up. We provide you with a few check points that will hopefully make the selection process less difficult.

Who comes?

Before starting the location search, one question should be settled rock-solid, namely the number of guests. Some venues have different sized function rooms, but just because you like the banquet hall doesn’t mean the small adjoining room has to meet your needs. As a rule of thumb, about 10 percent of those invited cancel before the party. You can minimize the number of people who are not able to come to the wedding by inviting them as early as possible.

How much can it cost?

The budget question is at least as important. How much money can and do you want to invest, how much do you demand from your guests? A dream wedding on the beach in Hawaii is only half as beautiful if half of the friends can’t afford the flight. A celebration in the garden at home, on the other hand, can become a lively party with the right trappings.

Speaking of the garden: as romantic as the idea of an open-air celebration is – if the wedding reception takes place in this country, a rain alternative should definitely be ready to accommodate all guests.

What is allowed?

When it comes to decorations and catering, it’s also worth taking a close look at the wedding location. Are external service providers allowed? Are there any conditions that could affect the course of the celebration? How good is the in-house menu and buffet offering? It is particularly appealing when bridal couples are allowed to take a close look at what their desired location has to offer. In the monastery hotel Wöltingerode this possibility exists for example in the context of the “wedding night on trial”.

The early bird catches the worm

Once you’ve decided, time is of the essence: about a year in advance, many locations need to be reserved at peak times or they’ll be gone. For particularly sought-after venues, that might even be too late. The same applies to the choice of the registry office or church. If the vows and the celebration are to be combined, it is best to have no more than a 15-minute drive in between. A free wedding ceremony can be a useful addition to a state or church ceremony, as it can be easily moved to any desired location.

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